Tired of Inaccuracy in Historical Fiction? Try the Queenmaker Series for $1.99 in June

Stumble into any discussion or comments section on historical fiction, and you will hear the constant complaints about accuracy. Why change facts for dramatic purposes when history is already incredible? Any chat on the recent movie Mary, Queen of Scots, or the recently released/leaked The Spanish Princess series has been bombarded with inaccuracy complaints, and these are just the tip of the iceberg.

My own opinion on reading books and watching shows? Fiction is fiction and authors/screenwriters will change things for a range of reasons – much of it for practicality, but also to speed up timelines and to fill in gaps, as so much of history is lost to time. I personally don’t mind changes in accuracy because I aleady know the real story, or can easily find the truth. I can google, I have contacts, I have my own library, so inaccuracy doesn’t bother me. My favourite Shakespeare play is Richard III, and I love the real Richard III. I don’t get worked up by people mixing up one or the other.

But when it comes to writing historical fiction, I take accuracy seriously. While writing my current Thomas Cromwell books, I have found myself up to my eyeballs in primary sources to make sure I have as much detail as possible.  Thomas Cromwell’s professional life is recorded in excellent detail, while his private life is much quieter. There I have been able to create a fictional life around an extraordinary public face.

As I have been seeing a lot people complaining about historical inaccuracy lately, I decided to put both Frailty of Human Affairs and Shaking the Throne on special for $1.99 on Kindle for the month of June. Don’t let the price fool you – these books aren’t quick fiction, they were an exceptional amount of work, years of research and the books come in at 600 pages each. The cheap price doesn’t mean a cheap read; I just feel like offering readers a challenge.

For $1.99/€1.78, feel free to dig through the historical details of Thomas Cromwell’s career, while also enjoying fictional tales about Nicóla Frescobaldi living in Cromwell’s shadow.  Stop calling poor Margaret Beaufort a mean old cow who murdered the Princes in the Tower, and try reading something designed by historical accuracy. Let me know what you think!

The price deal is available on all local Amazon sites, or click on the book covers below  for the link to U.S/International Amazon:

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