Ahead of Frailty of Human Affairs being released in September, as winter comes to a close in the southern hemisphere and summer in the northern, all nine of my books will be free as e-books for the rest of the month. Each book is only has a few days on sale at a time, so make sure to check your calendar to get the one(s) you want!

The Canna Medici series – two days only (per book)

Night Wants to Forget – August 8 and 9

Violent Daylight – August 9 and 10

Luminous Colours of Dusk – August 10 and 11

Cries of Midnight – August 11 and 12

The Secrets of Spain series – five days only (per book)

Blood in the Valencian Soil – August 12 to 16

Vengeance inthe Valencian Water – August 16 to 20

Death in the Valencian Dust – August 20 to 24

Scerets of Spain (all three in one edition) – August 24 to 28

Book one of the Sentmients of Spain series – three days only

Intense Professional Marquesa – August 28 to 30

The sales starts at midnight August 8 (PST) and ends at 11:59pm on August 30 on all Amazon sites worldwide. For quick reference, midnight 8 August PST is 7pm New Zealand time, 9am/8am European/UK from 9 August.

Head to the international or your local Amazon site of choice. No limit per person, you book yourself up!