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‘The House of Beaufort’ by Nathen Amin (Highly recommended)

‘Owen Tudor’ by Terry Breverton

‘The Reluctant Ambassador’ by Dan O’Sullivan

‘The Nevills of Middleham’ by K.L Clark

‘The Temptation of Elizabeth Tudor: Elizabeth I, Thomas Seymour, and the Making of a Virgin Queen’ by Elizabeth Norton

‘Catherine of Aragon: An Intimate Life of Henry VIII’s True Wife’ by Amy Licence (Highly recommended)

‘The Black Prince of Florence’ by Catherine Fletcher (Highly recommended)

‘In the Footsteps of the Six Wives of Henry VIII’ by Sarah Morris and Natalie Grueninger

‘Prince Arthur – The King Who Never Was’ by Sean Cunningham

‘Edward IV: Glorious Son of York’ by Jeffrey James

‘Heroines of the Medieval World’ by Sharon Bennett Connolly

‘The Black Prince’ by Michael Jones

‘The Templars’ by Dan Jones

‘The King’s Pearl’ by Melita Thomas

‘Game of Queens’ by Sarah Gristwood

‘The Survival of the Princes of the Tower’ by Matthew Lewis (Highly recommended)

‘Queens of the Conquest’ by Alison Weir (Highly recommended)


‘Jane the Quene’ by Janet Wertman

‘The Woman in the Shadows’ by Carol McGrath

‘The Last Tudor by Philippa Gregory