Winners of the ‘Death in the Valencian Dust’ competition

First – thank you!

Second – congratulations!

Third – sorry!

Last Friday’s book launch of both Death in the Valencian Dust and the Secrets of Spain combo package went wonderfully. Book signings, speeches, an epic number of downloads and many, many competition entries all made for a fun day. I promised to announce the winners of the e-book competition on May 8, but a few issues, mostly computer related, got in the way. So, sorry for the delay, but here are the winners of the 20 Death in the Valencian Dust freebies, and the five Death in the Valencian Dust and Secrets of Spain combo prize packs. Because I had so many entries, I had to do a lucky dip scenario to narrow it down to 25 winners.

The Secrets of Spain/ Death in the Valencian Dust winners –

Mirelle O.

Ria W.

Russ P.

Maureen A.

Bengt S.

The Death in the Valencian Dust winners –

Martina O.

Antonio I.

Daniel E.

Ben P.

Valeria K.

Xanthe J.

Andrea S.

Nicolas G.

Jorge B.

Miranda D.

Ana Paula N.

Caleb H.

Kiara F.

Simon K.

Luis T.

Camila S.

Hugo P.

Matthew R.

Emma B.

Samantha V.

Congrats and thanks to everyone to who entered. All the winners will be receiving a copy of the book via email. So many people wanting a copy makes me feel very happy! If there is anyone who would like a review copy, let me know.