Indie Content Creators in Spain – January 25th

If you have ever wanted to get your creative on, but don’t know how to tell the world about your skills, jump on into this special event to hear from people who have beaten the path you’re looking for. I will be on the Facebook event panel, (hopefully) telling you anything you might need to know about publishing your own novels. The event is run by Paul Read, also known as the GazpachoMonk, and has loads of freebies, including my books 🙂


Indi Content Creators SpainEach year, more people are trying to discover how to transform their creative ideas from paper into a finished product: whether that be a book, a video, a podcast or a image.

As much as the web is portrayed as an exciting new opportunity everyone, the reality is that the process of independently creating, completing, promoting, distributing and retailing a creative work can be really challenging for many people.

To show how anyone can take those first important steps, we have gathered together six very different creative individuals on January 25th, to share their experiences and insights on how to produce, exhibit, publish and sell photographic or fine art, ebooks or paperbacks, videos, audiobooks or podcasts.

The FaceBook Event Comprises of Two Sessions:

  1. A Google Hangout Session in which 4 panel members will be discussing – the changing model of work in a digital age, how to keep motivated and creative with digital tools, how the Spanish connection influences and shapes our work . You can follow the discussion live on Google Plus or YouTube at 12.00 noon (Spain). Check on the FB Event page for details of this hangout.
  2. At 17.00 – 19.00 (Spain) there will be an open FaceBook Event. At least 6 panel members will gather to discuss more on these issues, and offer practical steps to getting your creative endeavours out into the digital marketplaces. They will be answering questions from anyone who joins the event, as well as offering up free examples of our work over the course of the 2 hours (Including Amazon free books, free audio files, Free Photo book PDF’s) so everyone will have concrete example of the sort of work that can be created online.


If you have ever wanted to write that book, develop those photographic skills, start a podcast or an video Channel on YouTube, or have been interested in the whole process of Independent Content Creation online, then don’t miss this one-off event.

Drop by the FaceBook Event page, and click on the “Join” button. – This way you’ll be notified over the coming week of links to materials, links to the live hangout and updates on our special, and growing list of guests.

FB organisers page: Craving Distraction: Craving Distraction
Twitter Hashtag: #Jan25indieEvent